Snom D785

Snom D785 black desk phone

The Snom D785 SIP black desk phone is part of Snom’s most technologically advanced phone series. With its elegant design, the large high-resolution color display, as well as the practical second display for easy contact management and integrated Bluetooth, the Snom D785 SIP black desk phone offers all the features for every imaginable requirement.


Thanks to its integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP), the Snom D785 SIP black desk phone offers fantastic HD audio quality. With over 20 years of experience and technical knowledge, Snom offers the best sound quality for all applications.


The timeless and highly modern design of the Snom D785 SIP black desk phone combined with a large, high-resolution color display fits perfectly into any workday. The combination of the specially designed user interface and the second display ensures easy and intuitive operation. The second screen allows many applications to be managed easily and quickly. It allows the setup of up to 24 speed dial keys for managing call groups, speed dial or function keys and displays all information dynamically.

Additional connection options

The Snom D785 SIP black desk phone is equipped with Bluetooth. It also has a high-speed USB port, which makes it easy to connect various accessories such as a USB or Bluetooth headset, Wi-Fi or a Snom D7 black keypad extension.

Snom D785 Tischtelefon

All benefits at a glance

  • High resolution color display
  • 16 LED function keys
  • Wideband audio
  • USB-port
  • Gigabit-switch
  • Bluetooth compatibility