Snom D7 key extension

Snom key extension for D7xx series

An expansion module allows greater flexibility and productivity for users who need to make a lot of calls. The D7 expansion module optimizes the 700 Series by providing 18 programmable LED keys with functions such as line, speed dial, extension and presence indication. The high-resolution display provides a perfect visual interface. The D7 can be easily connected via a USB cable. Up to three expansion modules can be cascaded. This provides up to 54 additional function keys. The last D7 in the series includes a USB port to which other devices, such as a USB headset, can be connected. If two or more D7s are used with one phone, power is supplied via an additional external source.

Snom D7 Tastenerweiterung

All benefits at a glance

  • 18 programmable LED buttons
  • High resolution black and white display
  • Cascading of. up to 3 modules
  • Power supply via phone via USB