Snom D345

Snom D345 SIP black desk phone

The Snom D345 SIP black desk phone with its elegant and timeless design is a high-quality business phone that supports 12 identities and was developed with the requirements of IT service providers in mind. Calls, editable call lists, address book and other functions are clearly displayed on the high-resolution display. The Snom D345 SIP black desk phone is equipped with Snom’s new wear-free sensor fork switch, designed for durability and less wear and tear, providing long product life even with heavy use over an extended period of time.

Flexible to use

The flexible design of the Snom D345 SIP black desk phone allows it to be used in a variety of environments, including offices, call centers, and reception areas. With its flat keypad, it is ideal for comfortable dialing and is easy on the user’s hand. Moreover, it can be hung on the wall without any additional hardware.

Function key display

On the second screen, four virtual pages each provide 12 programmable keys with multicolor LEDs for a large number of contacts. A special toggle key makes navigation through the four pages easy and seamless. When using up to three Snom D3 expansion modules, the number of assignable function keys can be further extended.

Connection diversity

The high-speed USB port of the allows the user to connect a variety of accessories, such as the D3 expansion module or a WLAN adapter. Furthermore, the Snom D345 SIP black desk phone has a Gigabit Ethernet switch to connect to a Gigabit Ethernet LAN to ensure the best possible performance in your network, and a VPN client that – if required – allows the integration of another security layer.

Snom D345 Tischtelefon

All benefits at a glance

  • 12 self-labeling LED buttons
  • Gigabit switch
  • USB port
  • High resolution display
  • Second display