Snom D3 Key extension

Snom key extension for D3xx series

The D3 expansion module makes it possible to expand the function keys of the D3xx phones with USB port and to manage a large number of extensions and calls clearly and conveniently. The D3 keypad expansion has 18 programmable, multi-color LED keys that can be assigned any of the functions available on Snom phones. These include line, speed dial, direct dial, extension, presence indication and many more. The multi-color LED keys indicate call and presence status, and the high-resolution display provides a perfect visual interface that can be easily configured and labeled via the phone’s web interface or directly on the phone itself. The D3 connects to the phone via the USB cable, and up to three D3s can be cascaded for a total of 54 function keys.

Snom D3 Tastenerweiterung

All benefits at a glance

  • 18 Programmable LED keys
  • High resolution black and white display
  • Cascading of up to 3 modules
  • Power supply via phone via USB
  • Line, short and direct dial