Poly Savi W8220 Stereo

If you’re looking for a headset that allows you to easily switch between your landline phone, computer and cell phone, then the Plantronics Savi W8220 headset is best for you. It has a fantastic range and is easy to use.

Application area

The Plantronics Savi W8220 headset is a single-ear model. This is ideal if you want to participate in phone calls, but still hear what is happening around you. Especially for managers in contact centers, this is a very important part of the daily work.


The Plantronics Savi W8220 headset not only has the Plantronics Noise Cancelling function, which filters out annoying background noise, it also has the “narrow conversation limit” function. In environments that are noisier because many people are talking at the same time, this feature makes it easier for any employee to work. You can configure this via the Plnatronics Hub.

Daily Use

Within 3 hours, the Plantronics Savi W8210 headset is fully charged, it has a talk time of 13 hours and a stadby time of up to 50 hours. And weighs only 115 grams. Thus, you can wear the Plantronics Savi W8210 headset all day comfortably and do not need to worry whether the battery will last or not.

Healthy hearing

The Plantronics Savi W8220 headset also ensures the healthy hearing of your employees. It has the Plantronics SpundGuard DIGITAL included. This ensures that a level of 118dB is never exceeded. It also protects your employees from sudden noise peaks.

Plantronics Savi 8220 Stereo

All benefits at a glance

  • Cordless
  • PC, Desk Phone, USB, Bluetooth
  • Up to 180 meters range
  • Up to 13 hours talk time