Mobile working thanks to 3CX APP

Covid-19 caught companies cold that were not prepared for remote work. Employees had no choice but to use personal messaging apps to communicate with colleagues and customers.

The problem is that this exposes personal information (status, phone numbers) and makes it impossible to record and log calls.

3CX is designed for remote work at remote locations. With the iOS and Android apps, your business communications are no longer tied to an office building.

Reply to Facebook and website messages, make and receive calls, chat with colleagues, start an ad hoc video call and ensure full customer satisfaction on the go.

Calls, chats, video & conferences - anywhere

  • Answer chats from Facebook and websites
  • Start video call from smartphone
  • Easily connect calls and chat with colleagues
  • Change status and view the availability of your employees
3CX android app
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Full cost control

  • Unlimited number of users included FREE in 3CX
  • No desk phone necessary - use your smartphone
  • No training necessary - just get started
  • Free calls between your employees and customers
  • already included in your 3CX license

Easy configuration and management

  • Remote configuration via QR code instead of cumbersome setup
  • Fully encrypted voice traffic
  • Setup and management we do for you
  • SIP forking - simultaneous use of apps and desk phones
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