Microsoft Teams Telephony Integration

3CX natively supports Microsoft Teams. Teams telephony integration provides a low-cost alternative to the Microsoft 365 plan. Users can make calls via 3CX SIP trunks using low-cost (inter)national rates from regional SIP providers. 3CX provides a seamless, consistent calling experience, both for 3CX users dialing Teams users and for Teams users dialing in through an interface they are already familiar with. More importantly, administrators can benefit from a full-featured phone system that is much easier to use and configure than Teams. This includes contact center features such as advanced queuing, reporting, call routing, and more.

Save teams calls

  • Making external calls via 3CX SIP trunks
  • Eliminate Microsoft's expensive domestic/international tariffs
  • Selection of your own low-cost SIP provider in your region
  • Reduction of expensive Microsoft 365 E5 licenses to a small number of employees
Microsoft Teams
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More than just team telephony

  • simple configuration of queues & forwardings
  • Signaling groups and paging functions
  • Create IVR Auto-Attendants
  • Evaluation of employee performance based on call reports

Further cost savings

  • Save on licenses for SBC solutions - native 3CX integration
  • no teams-compatible handset necessary - any IP phones
  • also make mobile calls via free 3CX apps for iOS & Android
  • Low administration effort thanks to simple 4-step integration
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