CRM integration to know who is calling

Identify a caller even before you pick up the phone by integrating 3CX with your CRM or help desk system. Access the open customer record directly and see when they last called and who they spoke to. This saves your agents time, impresses your customers, and allows you to handle more calls and make more sales!

The integration likewise allows you to call directly from your CRM system. Click on a phone number to initiate a call and record and log it at the same time. New customer records can be automatically created for incoming calls from unknown numbers. This is how you give wings to your sales team.

Here are a few of the most popular CRM solutions: Hubspot, Bitrix, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

Identify your callers

  • Assigning the caller ID to a record in your CRM
  • Creation of a new customer record for new phone numbers
  • Call logs in customer record for transparent call history
  • Satisfied customers and less effort for your employees
CRM Integration - wissen wer anruft
Anruf, Video und Chat in einem App

Empower your Sales & Backoffice team

  • Make calls directly from CRM with one click
  • Time saving through automatic display of customer data
  • Automatic call recording eliminates manual entries
  • Custom call flow automate requests & processes

3CX supports integration with popular CRMs and helpdesks

  • Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics
  • Microsoft Outlook, Office 365
  • Zendesk, Hubspot and many more
  • Integration of REST-enabled systems via CRM Integration Wizard
crm integration mit 3cx
Call Flow Designer 3CX

Automated customer workflows with Callflow Designer

  • Query customer or case numbers to save employee time
  • Call forwarding based on customer number or request
  • Time of day based call forwarding and phone polling
  • Automated execution of updates and upgrades
  • Hosted 3CX to reduce administration & maintenance