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Audio files are the first impression a caller gets of your company. They should be professionally narrated by speakers and accompanied by pleasant-sounding music.

Our partner studio, Drex Records in Linz, has provided you with different speakers and music tracks to create your first impression in the way that best suits you and your company.

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You provide the text, choose a piece of music and we take care of your audio files.

This is what Robert Drexler owner of Drex Records says

With us, you don’t have to laboriously choose any music and speakers yourself online! In addition, we also do not use 08/15 text modules. We do it individually for you!

Professional telephone announcements are more than just “Please wait” with interchangeable music and songs like “Simply the best” or “Don’t worry be happy”…

Telephone announcements are one of the most important contact points with your company!

We create a “call flow” optimized overall concept tailored to your target group and brand values. Our texts, speakers and music suggestions are precisely adapted to your corporate identity. 

This is the only way to leave a professional acoustic impression.

Robert Drexler Inhaber Drei Records

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