WhatsApp messages directly into your

WhatsApp integrated directly into your 3CX Contact Center solution. If you offer your customers multiple contact options, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. 3CX provides a centralized system that covers all channels. With 3CX, you can instantly route calls and messages via live chat, WhatsApp and SMS to the web client, desktop app and smartphone apps. Agents can answer, route and resolve customer queries from a single platform.

Reply to WhatsApp messages via 3CX

  • More diverse contact options for customers
  • direct response to new WhatsApp leads via the 3CX clients
  • Forwarding chats to colleagues or groups as needed
  • Improved response time through optimal teamwork
whatsapp-integratrion 3cx
Chat, wahtsapp, sms

Social media, live chat and calls in one interface

  • Telephony, video, live chat, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Process customer inquiries centrally across all channels
  • No need to switch between different applications
  • central logging of all chat conversations

Michael, how can we help?

Your CRM knows who is texting

  • CRM integration enables identification of customers
  • Personalized customer approach promotes their feeling of appreciation
  • Better customer service thanks to immediately retrievable customer history
  • enabled CRM logging enables automatic creation of new leads
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Automatische Chat Zuweisung mit 3cx

Assign WhatsApp messages automatically

  • Sending WhatsApp messages to queue with multiple agents
  • Assigning the chat to the agent who responds first to message
  • Monitoring of response times using SLA timers
  • Simple reporting on SLAs, response times & employee performance