Send professional 3CX Business SMS

Are you still using your private apps to check incoming business messages? Do you give out your personal phone number or contact details for WhatsApp to chat with your colleagues?

This not only blurs your private and business spheres, but also lacks any control, logging and ultimately professionalism. Also, many messaging services do not comply with data protection regulations. 3CX Business SMS is privacy compliant.

With 3CX Business SMS, you can send your business SMS to colleagues and customers or integrate with Facebook without having to give out personal contact details. You can even access it from your mobile device while on the road, allowing you to respond promptly to customer inquiries.

If a message is sent to the wrong person, it can be easily connected, just like a phone call.

Send 3CX Business SMS from your business phone number

  • SMS sending and receiving via 3CX
  • Forwarding text messages to queues
  • Replying to SMS via your business phone number
  • Prioritization of messages in queues
SMS sende mit 3CX
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In close contact with colleagues via 3CX Business SMS

  • Internal communication via business SMS instead of personal apps
  • Send text messages, links and more
  • Cost savings by not using third-party services
  • Exchange with colleagues via SMS even on the road and at home

Manage SMS for higher productivity

  • Sending appointment reminders via SMS
  • Reply to Facebook messages via 3CX
  • Reports on the effectiveness of Facebook messaging
  • Assignment of contacts to integrated CRM
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