3CX Live Chat - Convert visitors to customers

The average visitor spends about 15 seconds on your website. Most websites have a bounce rate of 20 to 40 percent during this time – a lot of missed potential.

With integrated 3CX Live Chat, visitors to your website and Facebook page can contact you directly and in real time via chat or call, and your staff can respond instantly via 3CX web client or apps. And if chat isn’t enough, the conversation can continue as an audio or video call with one click.

Establish a direct connection between visitors on your website and your sales team and watch your conversion rates skyrocket! Handle all your communications through one platform and save on administration time and monthly subscriptions.

Generate conversion from visitors

  • Convert visitors into leads faster
  • Know the request even before the pitch
  • Transfer of leads into your CRM
  • Identification of customers and retrieval of their customer records
3CX live chat Fester im Webclient
3CX Chat Call

3CX Live Chat alone is not enough?

Switch to a call!

  • Convert chat to voice or video call with one click
  • Calls via the browser- free for customers and for you
  • Higher conversions and optimized response times
  • Fewer contact barriers, as customers choose their own medium

A system for live chat, calls, messaging

  • No user training & separate live chat system management
  • Agents and employees need to have only one system in view
  • A centralized communication protocol
  • No extra fees for separate live chat software
3CX Chat 2 Call